Disaster Risk Reduction Planning in Tosashimizu and Kochi,

Kochi Prefecture, Shikoku, Japan

Keio University Invitation to TU Wien Students

for Joint University Course (8 ECTS)

January to May 2019

Based on the cooperation of TU Wien with KEIO University in Japan TU Wien could offer a course on disaster risk reduction planning with Japanese professors. The aim is to decrease vulnerabilities and to increase resilience to earthquake and tsunami disasters. Vulnerabilities vary due to environmental properties, risk exposure, landscape features, population pressures, educational background of concerned people and more. Resilience is the ability to cope with threats and relates to the endogenous power of people from within the region. This widely depends on their wealth or disposable income and their power to organize their relief from within the region.

Participating students shall be empowered to cope with the challenges given by a permanent threat of natural disasters. Based on a four days study tour, introductions by decision makers, stakeholders and experts, the participants analyzed a topic/situation with relevance to locals that are in particular endangered by future disasters.


Report Manuel Kastner (May 2019)

Report Lisa Stier (May 2019)



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